Braun has some exciting new arrivals in United States this summer and I was lucky enough to be invited to come and learn all about them this past week in New York City.

I arrived at the German Consulate of the United States anticipating a nice brunch and to learn about some new innovative products from Braun.




Our tables were set and we could see the menu we would be served at this themed brunch of #ConquerTheExpected.  We were then served our much anticipated meals.


Only to discover…..


We then found out that we had been tricked!  We would be treated instead to a world class brunch from Michelin-starred Chef Eduard Frauneder, owner of the Austrian New York City based restaurant Edi and the Wolf.  We would also get to learn from him in a hands-on demonstration how he used Braun’s newest addition to their family, the Multiquick 7, to create the meal we were about to indulge in.



The Multiquick 7 is an appliance that can do everything!  It has so many attachments and has the ability to whisk, mix, puree all at your control, as this hand blender is all powered by the pressure you apply.  Brilliant! I love the attachments, especially the mixing bowls that are able to lock into the blender.  I see so many of our future meals prepared using this blender!





When we were finished learning how to create blueberry smoothies, homemade hollandaise sauce (which was to die for!), pea puree and more, we then returned to our seat to find the real menus of what we would be served that morning.





Our meal was so flavorful and delicious! But, we also learned some new skills to create this fabulous meal at home, using these great new tools from Braun.  I couldn’t wait to get home and begin using the Multiquick 7 for our own meals and to put to use the new skills I had learned!  You can pick up your own Multiquick 7 from Braun online and at major retailers everywhere now.