Showering the Bride With Love

Summers are known for weddings, so naturally I found myself invited to some this summer.  However, what was new for me was that I threw a bridal shower.  I have no girls and no experience  whatsoever hosting any kind of shower, so I turned to the experts to help me.*  I think what ended up was pretty incredible!

I hosted a backyard evening shower and incorporated the bride’s wedding colors, lavender, cream and gold. I added some other accents, as well.  The August evening was warm and inviting, the perfect setting for the party.


Whenever I host a party, my very first go-to is to visit Minted.  They have so many beautiful selections for every occasion.  I had picked some great items for my husband’s 40th birthday party this year, so I knew they would have some great paper products for me to create the backdrop and decorations for the party.  I was right.  I created a cloth banner personalized with the bride and groom-to-be’s names.  The backdrop I used as part of the decorations, but it is made specifically for being a photo backdrop for pictures  of the guests at the party.  This floor length cloth has grommets at the top for easy hanging.  It turned out just how I wanted it!



I then had some personalized table runners created to place on top of the table cloths where the refreshments and favors would be.  I was able to create really nice runners that matched well with the photo backdrop.  These runners are printed with a very smooth finish and I highly recommend them!

Next up, I found some adorable thank you cards and created a personalized banner, using a photo of their engagement picture to accent in the Gingko design.  Having a banner with the pictures of the guest of honor was really fun to have and added a very nice personal touch.  The print used in the banner was a nice compliment to the photo backdrop, while not the same color.  I then was able to select mini thank you cards to give with our party favors that completely matched the banner. When the printed banner arrives, all you have to do is string it on thin twine that is included in the package.  Easy to do and the end results look amazing!  I then selected coordinating stickers that I used to accent clear plastic cups for the punch we would be serving that night.  I also had great paper straws with stickers created to match, as well.  Everything I got from Minted was gorgeous, well coordinated and much of it can be used again.  Minted is my very favorite place to go to start a party on the right note.  I have used them in the past for Christmas gifts and parties, but I was really impressed with how well their products worked for my bridal shower.

Once I had the majority of the decorations decided, I wanted to work on creating a unique party favor that my guests would enjoy.  I immediately thought of personalizing M&M’s through MyM&Ms.  You can create so many cool gifts and favors through them!  Take a look at their site and you can see just how simple it is.  You can customize colors (so many to choose from!), add photographs, words or symbols.  So many combinations are possible.  I selected her main wedding colors, added their engagement photo, and the word Love.  You can buy a bulk bag of the assortment of personalized M &M’s or you can have them made into favors.  I tried both.  They have the best dishes for display and for this shower sent me dishes that spelled out “LOVE” which I filled with the candies I created.  They looked fantastic!  Then, we had sweet lace sachets of the M&M’s to give as favors.  I loved these!  But, my favorite favor that we had were tiny bubblegum machines.  These were white with clear bulbs that were easily filled with the bulk M&M’s.  Absolutely adorable!  Even better?  You could turn the knob of the machine and it actually dispensed the candy!  I placed each of those on one of the mini thank you cards from Minted.  It was perfect!



I then chose what I wanted to serve for dessert from my favorite cake maker, The Murphy Girl’s Sweet Shop.  She made a delicious homemade vanilla cake with fresh raspberry filling topped with decadent buttercream frosting.  It was gorgeous!  I also had her make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with sweet flowers to accent the cake.  I love her cakes and was so happy with how it all turned out.



I knew I needed some more unique touches to make the shower the way I wanted it to look.    So, what better place to go than Etsy for sweet and unusual finds?  I found just what I was looking for!  Check out these beautiful embossed napkins that were the perfect touch from PaperEvent, an Etsy shop that specializes in weddings.  Disposable napkins don’t have a reputation of being pretty, but each of these napkins were so delicate and sweet looking, it was the perfect accent to the dessert table.  So, so pretty in cream and lavender.  Robin, PaperEvent’s owner, was wonderful to work with to help me create just what I was looking for.


Now, I wanted to add something else to the table and I love confetti, but I didn’t want anything glittery.  I wanted something a little more rustic that would tie everything together.  Etsy store CountryChapel had the most amazing confetti I have ever laid eyes on.  Wooden–yes, real wood that has been sustainably sourced- hearts engraved with sweet saying like “I Do, Mr & Mrs., and Love.  I was in love with these tiny treasures that I scattered across the tables I had on display.  The wood tied the twine and all the colors together, while adding a totally special touch.  Rachel, the store owner, was the sweetest of the sweet and I can’t wait to buy all my confetti needs from her for now on.  She is so talented!


I also needed something fun for the guests to do upon arrival, so I enlisted the help of Etsy shop AGiftForDesign to create rustic customized “Advice for the Bride” cards.  I set these sturdy cards on a table, passed them out for the guests to impart their wisdom on the Bride-to-be and we shared them as a group.  Then she was able to take the cards home as a keepsake.  They turned out so nice!  The cards even matched the decor we had for the evening.  An awesome touch, for sure!


I added a few more little touches with lighting, flowers, and of course, games, and I ended up with what I think was a perfect evening that the guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy.  I wish I had taken pictures at night, with all the twinkle lights and candles lit, it looked really great! I have to admit, I was scared to death to host something in such unfamiliar territory but with the help of these awesome vendors, it ended up being a breeze, and a beautiful one at that!


*some products were received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


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