Catching Some Waves at Mountain Creek Water Park

We are winding down summer and are filling our days with great retreats and activities to end the summer on a high note.  We’ve definitely succeeded in finding great spots around Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  One of which is Mountain Creek Water Park, formally known as Action Park.  Located in the mountainous areas of Vernon, New Jersey, this resort is nestled in the hills and is a gem of a water park.  We were invited to spend the day  here this past week and could not have picked a better place to spend the day.

Walk into Mountain Creek Water Park and you will find tons of rides, lazy rivers, cliff jumping, wave pools, and lots of family fun. The setting is beautiful and on a day like we were able to visit, blue skies, rolling hills and glistening water everywhere creates the perfect atmosphere for total relaxation.


We arrived shortly after the park opened and had such a great time, we stayed until the park was closed!  That doesn’t happen often, my friends, but we were having such a great time, we didn’t want to leave!

I would definitely recommend getting there close to the opening of the park to ensure a locker (which you can rent) to put your valuables and gear.  Then to find a couple of chairs to set up a base.  We found the perfect spot in front of the wave pool.  Next time, though, I might consider getting a cabana by the wave pool, which includes a  personal waiter to take drink and food orders for even more relaxation.  Getting a couple of chairs makes it a great way to meet up with family, as the park is super safe and great to let your kids go explore without you.  Lots of employees are around for safety and help.  The facilities are very clean and well kept.

My kids couldn’t get enough of the cliff jumping.  Their hearts were pumping at the death-defying Zero G and they loved that, too!  I, myself, was a huge fan of the wave pool and spent so much of my day in that area of the park, absolutely loving the day!  The lines to rides were not long, so my family was able to experience everything Mountain Creek had to offer multiple times over.  A great time was had by all!


I don’t have many pictures to show you on this review.  The reason why is because we went and had so much fun, I couldn’t be bothered with phones and cameras.  To me, that is the ultimate sign of a great time.  We were caught in the moment, thoroughly enjoying our time together as a family.  How often do you get a chance to fully disconnect to the outside world, unwind, and just be content living the experience?  Not nearly enough, in my opinion.  But in the serene setting of Mountain Creek, we were able to do exactly that.

Check out all that Mountain Creek has to offer your family, by visiting their website.  Next year, I would definitely consider picking up season passes, as it was so much fun, I know we would visit again and again.  Definitely something to check out because if you buy a season pass for 2017, you can get the remainder of this season included, too, as well as lots of great perks!


*we were invited to visit to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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