So, This is Pittsburgh

I’ve lived on the East Coast for more than a decade.  I’ve visited just about every city that you can along the way.  We realized this summer, though, that we had yet to go to Pittsburgh.  So we picked up the family one weekend and headed that direction, ready to explore a new city.

When we arrived, we were so surprised to see how familiar it looked, as it had been the backdrop for some family favorites (hello, The Dark Knight Rises!).  We could tell right away it was going to be a very cool city. Besides the architecture, which is quite impressive, you can find lots of eclectic art throughout the city.  Taking a stroll throughout the streets of Pittsburgh is quite the treat for the eyes, without stepping foot into any attraction.  The street art, buildings, fountains, and sculptures were everywhere and they all added up to a very cool energy feeding the city.

Stay tuned for some of our adventures in Pittsburgh this week!













  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! My 8-year-old LOVES architecture. He’d love to take a ride to Pittsburgh just for that I’m sure 🙂 We’ve never stayed in Pittsburgh but we have driven through it. It looks like a great city! I can’t wait to hear more!

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