South Pacific Meets Pittsburgh

Our visit to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was so much fun and pretty spontaneous.  We had no set plans, we just explored the city as we were so inclined to do.  We saw lots of cool scenery in art, sculptures, and fountains throughout the city as we walked.  We saw the city from above.  Then one evening, walking back from a delicious dinner, we came across a beautiful older theatre in the center of downtown.  It just so happened to be about to start a production of South Pacific.  As theatre goers were just starting to arrive to find their seats, we decided to join them.  We stopped in, grabbed some tickets for a very impromptu night at the theatre with our kids!

This traveling production of South Pacific was getting ready to end it’s run at the Benedum Center.




The theatre is beautiful and intimate.  We had amazing seats, as every seat in the theatre has a wonderful view. The stage is quite large.

South Pacific is one of the best musicals I have ever seen.  Set in the Pacific during World War II, South Pacific tells a story about love, prejudice, and courage.  The music was entrancing, sets were stunning, voices were heavenly, and the acting was superb. Although all the voices were outstanding, I was even happy to see that some of the cast members in this traveling production I had the pleasure of seeing in New York City a few years ago. This show was the recipient of seven Tony Awards in 2008 and there is no question as to why.  The chemistry between actors is felt by the audience and pulls you in.  You truly feel captivated by each scene and feel a part of the show.

I can’t rave about this musical enough, it’s really an incredible show.  However, while I had seen the musical before, I had never stepped foot into the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh.  What a gem of a theatre this city has!  It is absolutely stunning!  Talking to the very friendly ushers gave me a quick history of the theatre and I was so surprised to hear that this was once a local cinema.  Could you imagine seeing a movie in this atmosphere?





It was a great way to spend a night in Pittsburgh, enjoying the culture that it has to offer.  Lots of great surprises in this city!

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