Keeping it Fresh and New

Ahh…’s January.  The holidays are behind us, resolutions have been resolved (and hopefully not thrown to the wayside already), and we are left catching up and organizing life for a new year.  January for me has been a surprisingly busy month, which leaves me scrambling sometimes for snacks and dinners.  I hate that!  I always want to be more organized about meal planning, but I really get stuck in a rut sometimes.  Rather than try out new products and new recipes, sometimes it really is just easier to go with the stand by meals that we’ve had over and over…and over again.  If you are anything like me, though, you long for something new and different.  Something that will be worth the effort you put into creating it.

Many times in my years of being a mom, I will see a recipe that looks interesting to me and decide that I will give it a shot.  I go to the store and gather what seems to be a million ingredients to make this meal turn out wonderfully, only to be somewhat disappointed to find out that maybe I’m not a fan of the types of food in this so-called fabulous new recipe.  So at that point, I am out a considerable amount of time, energy, and money only to be highly dissatisfied.  Don’t you hate that?!

This is exactly why I love Degustabox.  No, it’s not a box of ready to eat meals, but it is a large assortment of new products that I can try out and taste test for myself to see if it is something I would be interested in trying again.  Without spending a fortune or wasting a ton of my time.  It’s also a great way to try healthy snacks for both my kids and myself.

This month’s box was loaded with great products that made this mom excited.


  • Welch’s Fruit and Yogurt Fruit snacks.  Always a huge fan of fruit snacks in this house, these yogurt covered ones were a huge hit!  Devoured quickly, it made it’s way to our shopping list.
  • Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn was a nice treat to find in the box.  Lots of nasty weather in January constitutes snuggling up for a movie.  What’s a movie without popcorn?  My kids really enjoyed this healthy version of butter flavored microwave popcorn for these occasions or a quick snack after school.
  • Speaking of cold weather, it’s best to face a cold winter’s day with a warm meal in your belly, which is why Hungry Jack’s Complete Pancake mix in pumpkin spice was so well received in my house.  Easy to make for busy moms or a budding young chef, you can be assured that your kids would love a pancake breakfast before heading out the door to school or to play in the snow.
  • I discovered a love of Indian food while in London this past year and have gotten really quite good at cooking it at home.  But, one thing I have discovered is that is time consuming to make delicious Indian cuisine.  Sometimes, I might have a crazing for it for lunch  or dinner at home when I am very short on time.  This is where McDonnells Indian Korma Curry Sauce packet is a life saver.  I can create a rich and delicious curry sauce to put over chicken or rice and I have a satisfying meal.  I really like this in my pantry!
  • Always a favorite of my little ones are the Little Bites.  Little muffins perfectly packaged in a pouch makes for a great item to grab on the way to an activity or to put in lunches. My kids really liked the party cakes flavor found in this month’s box.
  • Talking about snacking, my kids love the Live Smart Kids Bars.  They are packed full of all-natural ingredients and are nut free, gluten free, soy free, non-GMO and vegan.No Refined Sugar Added. No Trans Fats.  So these snacks are great options for your favorite kiddos without loading them up with a ton of additives.
  • Included in this month’s box was Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals.  While I do not drink tea, and therefore can’t give you a honest opinion of such a product, it is loaded with ginger to help with digestion and to reduce pain and inflammation.  Sounds like a great product that will keep the chill away this winter.
  • The parmesan cheese snacks or Cello Whisps in this month’s box were really tasty!  A rich, crunchy and  satisfying snack on it’s own or a great addition to a yummy salad.  I loved these!

As you can see, receiving a Degustabox this month really expanded my usual products and got me to try some new things that I turned out to really love.  Now, I have some new things I want to keep in my pantry on a regular basis and new meals to create.  Who wouldn’t love that?

You can learn more about Degustabox or order your own by visiting their website.  Hurry and order yours and you can be receiving your very own next month!


*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


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