Let’s All Go to the Movies

Over spring break, we were able to escape down South to Williamsburg, Virginia.  We love this town and all it has to offer, and we have been a few times.  After a day of travel and exploring, we were invited* to take in a movie at the amazing Movie Tavern.  Let me just say that if you are lucky enough to have a Movie Tavern near you, I am oh, so jealous!  We do not, but were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit while on our vacation.


Upon arrival to the theatre, we were greeted by a group of very pleasant employees that made us feel so welcome.  We were actually there to see Beauty  and the Beast ( I know, I can’t believe it took me that long to have a chance to see the movie, which by the way turned out to be fantastic!).  We instantly felt like we were special guests at the theatre, just by the way we were being received, shown to our seats, and waited upon.  I noticed, though, that we were not the only ones being treated with such regard, I truly think this is just a way of conducting business at the Williamsburg Movie Tavern.  It was very impressive!

So what makes Movie Tavern any different from an ordinary movie theatre? The idea behind it is that of a full service dine in movie watching experience.  To begin the process, you can order your tickets and reserve your seats online for one of the several movies showing at the facility.  You can also purchase at the ticket window, but the benefit of looking and reserving online instead is that you can select just the seats you want and you can make sure that you are guaranteed a spot in a movie.  It’s really nice to go to a movie knowing that you aren’t going to have to rush to get there and find a seat!  Once you arrive, you simply find your reserved seat and sit back.  No waiting in line for sodas or popcorn!  Why is that?  Because you will have the opportunity to have a server bring it to you!







Once you have taken your seat, you are greeted by your server.  Ours was so sweet and friendly and took excellent care of us. We were handed our menus and there was so much more than traditional snacks like popcorn and candy to choose from.  Burgers, fries, nachos, wings, cheese steaks and many other options.  When you are ready to order, you simply press a button on your tray to alert your server that you are ready to order.  We placed our drink orders (you can have milkshakes or adult beverages here, too!) and dinner orders and then sat back to watch the previews.  (It’s very hard to take pictures of food in the dark without disturbing other people, so forgive the dark photos!)






Quietly, our meals arrived while watching the movie and we all enjoyed them as the movie played on.  Anything we needed could be addressed (refills, etc) by pressing the button on the tray.  It was really fun to have a full meal, being waited on, in a cinema setting.

Our service was fantastic, the seats were extremely roomy and comfortable, and the entire experience was phenomenal.  I can’t rave enough about how great our experience was and recommend making a visit to Movie Tavern when you are able.  Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Movie Tavern Williamsburg. I know, when we go back to that neck of the woods, it will be on our list of places to visit!


*we were invited to be guests at the Movie Tavern to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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