Degustabox Delivery

We love Degustabox deliveries around here, as there are always tons of cool new products to sample and try.  It’s always fun to get to taste and experiment with new products delivered to your doorstep.


April’s Degustabox is packed full of goodies:

  • Nando’s PERi PERi sauce  is a flavorful condiment to put on your food.  Made of onion, sun-ripened lemons, garlic and spices.
  • Lovely Candy original chewy caramels are melt in your mouth caramels that I love! So glad to have gotten to try these sweet treats out as they are oh-so-good!
  • PR Bar
  • Mutti is a tomato concentrate in a tube that goes great in so many recipes.  Great flavor that can be used in quick recipes or recipes that take longer, simmering on the stove.  Really good!
  • Better Oats–starting the day off with a nutritious breakfast is key to sticking to a balanced diet.  I love these maple and brown sugar steel cut oats to start the day.  They are really good!  These packets also double as a measuring cup for the liquid needed to cook them in the microwave.  So good that I will be keeping a supply of these in the pantry!
  • Skinnygirl peach bellini green tea k-cups are a refreshing tea drink infused with juicy peaches.  You can serve hot or over ice for a great summer drink.
  • Wilton Candy Drizzle Pouches are perfect to decorate treats.  Heat up in the package and you can melt the candy within.  Cut the corner and you can drizzle all over baked goods, fruit,  pretzels or more.  Great item to have on hand!
  • Bush’s Hummus Made Easy and Garbanzo Beans is an awesome way to keep hummus on in your pantry for when you are ready to serve some up.  Simply mix a much of Hummus Made Easy with the garbanzo beans and you have a smooth and delicious (and healthy) snack you can whip up anytime.  I really enjoyed these products.
  • Wild Planet is a brand new USDA certified organic free range chicken breast, roasted in the can without added water or fillers.  A great pantry staple to have on hand for just about any favorite recipe, including soups, salads and burritos.
  • Chiridos–if your kids love air-puffed snacks, you will love this take on them.  Hmmm….actually, wait.  I don’t know.  I can’t bring myself to try them.  My hesitation?  Well…..they are made of cricket flour.  I actually had to go look that up and see if it is actually a thing…..and it actually is!  Who knew?  Supposed to be really healthy for you–I mean cricket protein has three times the amount of protein than steak, even……but……can you do it?  Truth be told, if I were just to try them out, I would probably never even know because they are favorited with my favorite types of seasonings from Mexico.  Looks like a fun dare is in our future…….I’ll let you know who is brave enough to taste test them!

So on that note, you see–I never would have bought those on my own–you can see why I love getting boxes from Degustabox in the mail each month.  To get set up to receive your own, visit their website.  You will love the service they deliver!


*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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