Spring Getaway at Busch Gardens Williamsburg




We’ve been to Williamsburg several times and we really enjoy going there.  I have to admit, though, the reason we love going isn’t really just about the historical and quaint buildings and attractions….it’s all about Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Our spring break was spent discovering European villages and enjoying many family friendly rides at the scenic and pristine Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamsburg, VA.  Our family loves going to parks on our vacation and we were thrilled to be invited* to experience this park in particular over the break.

Part of the Sea World family of parks and destinations, aside from major theme parks such as Sea World and Universal Studios, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the nicest amusement park I have ever been to.  The grounds are amazing and lush with beautiful flowers and plants.  Everywhere you go there are colorful blossoms perfectly manicured.  The grounds themselves are stunning.  It is so clean, no trash anywhere!






Busch Gardens Williamsburg boasts a lovely European theme.  The park is divided into several European countries, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany and Italy.  Each area of the park reflects its origin in architecture, food, and decor.  This makes for an amazing setting! The rides and shows in each section fit the country perfectly!

There is truly something for everyone at this park.  Beginning with the smallest adventurers, there is a Sesame Street themed play land with rides, water fun, and more. This was a very popular area for younger visitors.


We loved each and every section of the park and my older boys braved every major ride there!  They loved Alpengeist, which has six inversions (ahh!), Apollo’s Chariot, Lochness Monster, and Mach Tower to name a few.  They loved Verbolten–which is a ride we missed the last time we visited.  It was amazingly fun!  Invadr is the newest addition to the park, but unfortunately we were not able to make it on that one.  It is a brand new wooden coaster.  From the enthusiastic comments of riders just getting off that ride, we know we have to come back to try it.  But, the lines were just too long the day we were there.

In addition to amazing and groundbreaking rides, we could take breaks throughout the day and enjoy high quality entertainment, such as Celtic Fyre, a program filled with live Irish dancing and music, Britmania ( 1960s British music review), Pet Shenanigans, a hilarious display of pet tricks featuring animals at the park, Elmo Rocks,  Sunny Days Celebration with Elmo, and more.  You could take up an entire day with these shows, and I definitely recommend checking them out while you are there, they are wonderful!

We enjoyed seeing wolves, bald eagles, raptors, Clydesdales and sheep throughout Busch Gardens, too!  My youngest son loved this, as he is a big animal lover, and he thoroughly enjoyed getting to see animals up close and personal.  I loved seeing the pack of wolves playing in the stream in their enclosure and frolicking in the grass.


As we left the park, we asked our kids what their favorite ride had been, they began to answer, “Curse of DarKastle! Verboten! Alpengeist! Lochness Monster…” and continued to name every single ride we had gone on!  There were so many fun rides to go on that they couldn’t decide which one was the best.

When it comes to large amusement parks, I get a bit nervous keeping my kids together.  Making sure everyone is safe is a huge concern.  Here is something about Busch Gardens Williamsburg that really stood out to me.  There are security guards throughout every section of the park.  You feel very safe here.  So much so, that after discussing with some of the security guards, we decided it would be ok to let our older kids go off on their own since we had ways to communicate with them.  At any other park, there is no way I would have felt comfortable with this!  At Busch Gardens, however, I knew that they were safe.  Since they were big enough to ride every ride there, they had a great time discovering the park on their own.

I can’t tell you about Busch Gardens without mentioning the incredible customer service you will receive while visiting.  Every member of the staff is helpful, courteous, and greets you with a smile.  Everyone you meet is happy to be there and it shows.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and most definitely would come back again.  I can’t rave about this park enough and know that you will love your visit as much as we did!

You can purchase tickets online and plan a spectacular visit for spring break or summer!

*We were invited to stay and visit these establishments to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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