Now YOU get to play at iPlay America!

I’m so excited to invite you out to Blogger Night at iPlay America! Limited tickets are available for you to come and join the fun at iPlay America for free!  Here’s the deal: On Friday, November 24th (Yes, Black Friday!) come and enjoy free unlimited rides.  Guests can download up to 2 passes that will be valid for a FREE iRide Plus Band!  So, get yours now while they last, using code AVENGER at!




Earlier this year while we were on a break and wanting to try something new, we ventured out* to iPlay America in Freehold, NJ.  Here we found an indoor play land loaded with tons of fun things to do.  In fact, it’s considered New Jersey’s largest indoor boardwalk!


When we arrived to the facility, you would never know all the treasures held within.  It’s a very unassuming building.  Arcades, mini bowling alley, go karts, boardwalk style rides and games, laser tag and even a 4D movie filled the hallways of this large complex.  My kids were thrilled to get the opportunity to check it all out.  My husband and I were thrilled for an indoor escape from the cold that would have each of us thoroughly entertained.



The concept of iPlay America is an excellent one.  Walk through the doors, pay one price and have all the entertainment you could possibly want.  For a low cost, you can select the iPlay Plus band that allows unlimited rides.  That’s right, the kids could ride carnival and boardwalk type rides to their hearts content–all day long.  They had a wristband that allowed them to do that,  so there were no tickets or tokens to hold on to.  We could also set up gaming cards, much like credit cards that had a balance on them.  The kids could then use them for whatever they wanted to do.  You could determine how many credits are put on each one, so they could budget how they wanted to use them, whether that be arcade games, bowling, 4D movie, or laser tag.  The only thing it didn’t work on was to purchase food.







Speaking of food, the prices on the food were extremely reasonable.  You could actually buy a full meal for $5-$6, which anyone who has been to the boardwalk or an amusement park  would tell you is an absolute steal!

We spent an entire day at the complex, which was so much fun.  It is safe enough to let your children pair off and explore, so everyone can do what interests them most.  As a family, we played a round of laser tag in their large venue, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  We also took in a 4D movie and got to rock and roll through the mountains with a Yeti, which is always a fun way to spend an afternoon.



The arcade system is really great. Rather than dealing with dirty tokens and tickets that get lost, you use your credit card to play the games and each time you earn tickets, they are simply credited to your card to cash in when you want.  It needs to be said that the value system was a very attainable one and games were inexpensive to play.  My kids each life with a substantial prize, which never happens!  They had great prizes from signed sports memorabilia, gaming systems and games, to familiar characters in stuffed animals, toys, and candy.  The redemption counter was very well staffed, too, which was great to make the check out process fast.  Both parents and children greatly appreciate that!

I highly recommend iPlay America to you, our family loved it and will definitely be returning.  Check their specials, as they frequently change offers for both kids and adults.  Did you even know you can take in some live entertainment there sometimes, as well?  Be sure to check their events calendar to see what famous faces will be making an appearance there.

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