2018 New York Comic Con

I’m recovering from a whirlwind weekend that predominantly featured New York Comic Con!  This year’s Comic Con was off the charts and jam-packed with everything entertainment related.  There was so much to see and do, that if you blinked, you could miss it!



We loved getting to come and explore, interact and get the low-down on all that is happening in the ComicCon sphere.  My favorite is interacting with the fans!  I love seeing all the cosplay on display.



spiderman cc








Being at Comic Con is an experience that is worth going to, even if you don’t care about the great vendors, artists, celebrities, and, of course, comics.  It’s like you are traveling to another dimension, an alternative universe, where people come and unleash their inner superheroes or alter egos.  It’s really fun!  The enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help but get caught up in the fun of it all.

This year, some of my boys accompanied me to the show and one of them was dressed as Marty McFly, from my favorite 80’s movie of all time, Back to the Future.  He caught a lot of attention himself, even getting interviewed by TheaterMania and a well-known Broadway actor!

If the Cosplay weren’t enough, you can get the latest and greatest on just about everything in the industry while exploring the floors and panels.  We are huge Stranger Things fans, so we loved getting a sneak peek of a brand new comics based on the Netflix series from Dark Horse as well as novels detailing the story even more from Penguin Random House.  It was fun to get our own Hawkins Library Card and see Mike’s bike from the series while we were there.


We loved getting to try out VR games like Skyscraper, where we tried to make the impossible jump and knocking out opponents playing Boxing Apocalypse.


You can also pick up exclusive comics and figures found only at ComicCon, which is so much fun to do.  We loved finding Legos and Funko figures that we didn’t have.  This year, which I hadn’t seen before, were tons of dogs dressed in costumes.  I saw the cutest pup in a Charlie Brown shirt, a Wonder Woman yorkie, and, of course, Batdog!

New York Comic Con is a four-day long event and one we can’t wait to attend each October.  It’s concluded for 2018, but be sure to check out NYCC’s website to get alerts so that when tickets open up next year, you won’t be left in the dark!

*we were invited to attend to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


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