It’s Time to Suit Up!

Halloween is one of my very favorite times of year.  It’s so much fun to do things related to the ghoulish holiday.  I love to go to haunted houses, take a trip to my favorite witchy town, Salem, Massachusetts, go to Comic Con, and go to Halloween parties.  It’s fun to dress up for these destinations and really make the most of it.  But, it’s also fun to switch it up and wear something unexpected and a little more untraditional.  Last year, we got to check out Opposuits and absolutely loved the suits you can get to spread holiday cheer to everyone you meet.  We had a fun Christmas plaid one that got a lot of attention everywhere we went. I can’t tell you how many Jumbotrons my son made it onto wearing his suit last Christmas!  We thought it would be fun to try out Opposuits for their Halloween suits this year.

Ever see the David S. Pumpkins skit on Saturday Night Live?  Well we have and it’s one that is so ridiculous it can’t help but make you laugh. It definitely grows on you. My son loves it and wanted to be him for Halloween.   Here’s a very similar type of suit called the Black-O Jack -O that is really fun to wear. Very unexpected, let me tell you, it is the ultimate conversation starter if you dare to wear this out for the night.

black o.jpg

I love this  Haunting Hombre one to celebrate Day of the Dead!  Only accessory you need is some creative facepaint to have the ultimate creepy costume.


And this one, the Bloody Harry, is just the perfect suit to wear for a gruesome costume that will make everyone cringe!


There is a suit for everyone and every occasion at Opposuits.  Want to dress up like your from the 80’s?  This is the perfect place to pick a suit up.  Affordable and comfortable, these suits have everything you need to make a statement that will get you noticed (no expensive dry cleaning required afterwards!).

We love Opposuits and definitely recommend them to you!  Be sure to check out their site and see which one you want to wear!


*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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