Spending Time in Salem

One of my very favorite family vacations took place this past weekend, a wonderful getaway to Salem, Massachusetts.  We are huge Halloween fans and what better place to kick off October than Salem?  The weather was gloomy, with Hurricane Joaquin threatening to hit the east coast, but the weather only added an incredible ambiance to the festivities in town.

Each year, Salem hosts Haunted Happenings and there are tons of things to do for all ages.  We look forward to visiting every year and there is always something new to do, as well as old favorites to visit.

Salem 2015

Haunted houses, witch museums, fun and whimsical shops, historical homes and buildings, bazaars, parades, and lots of costumed patrons fill the town. Some of our favorite destinations while in town have been the Witch Dungeon Museum  and a fun interactive play called Cry Innocent, one that really delves into the history of the witch trials.  Try any of the restaurants for a great meal on the North Shore.  Whatever you choose to do, you will really enjoy your time spent in the town exploring. As I mentioned, it is a yearly pilgrimage for our family and there is just so much to do while we are there.  We can’t wait to go back!


burying point


town hall


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