Crossing the Border

We love to take weekend getaways in the fall.  Typically, we love to go see the leaves in Salem, Massachusetts and celebrate in the Witch City all things Halloween.  This year, however, we opted to go a little further north…all the way to Canada! We’ve never been to Niagara Falls and we decided to exercise the passports and make a visit to the Canadian side.

So glad we did!  We saw absolutely stunning scenery with tons of foliage in bright orange and red hues.  Beautiful!  When we arrived in Canada, we crossed the border right into the bustling Niagara Falls late at night.  Having arrived on a Friday night, we were able to see the falls lit up and then see a fireworks display, too.  Not a bad way to arrive!



It was so cool to see the falls lit up and the fireworks.  But, we still didn’t really know what it was we were seeing until the next day, when we went back over to see them.  This is what we saw!

The American falls are what we saw lit up the night before.  Very pretty!


The Canadian falls were even more spectacular!  Unless you go to Canada, this view is obstructed on the American side.


I’m excited to share with you all there is to see and do in Niagara Falls.  Be on the look out to find out the things we did over a quick weekend getaway!  Have you been to the Falls?  What did you think?


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