Halloween isn’t Just for the Kiddos!


I have always loved Halloween.  I look forward to it every single year.  September comes along and I am just itching to put up my Halloween decorations and start all the festivities.  I love going to haunted houses  and visiting spooky places.  I love planning creative costumes with my kids, so naturally, I can’t very just show up on the holiday looking like every day me.  It’s fun to take some time and participate in the fun with our kids, so why not dress up, too?

If you think Halloween is just child’s play then think again!

According to online retailer zulily, sales data shows purchases for adult costumes have increased 41% from 2014 to 2015. Additionally, nearly one-third of adults aged 25-34 said they plan to dress up for Halloween this year, according to a recent survey*. That’s more than their 18-24 year old counterparts, in which only one in four said they were dressing up this year.


Based on zulily sales data and a recent survey, here are some of the top adult costumes for 2015:

  • Movie/TV characters: It’s no surprise Princess Leia and Minions were the top picks, both franchises have new installments coming out this year.
  • Superheroes: Girl power reigns supreme with WonderWoman and CatWoman as the top picks.
  • Disney Characters: Both the classic Snow White and Frozen’s Anna and Elsa were at the top of the list.
  • Prince William and Kate were ranked the top choice for costume inspiration for couple’s this year.
  • Star Wars was cited as the top overall movie choice for costume inspiration this year
  • The Walking Dead was the top TV show choice for costume inspiration. Season 6 premieres October 11th.

zulily is an online retailer focused on serving up fresh, unexpected items at the best prices. Customers have something new to discover each and every morning, so be sure to check back on zulily.com to shop unique items for the whole family.

As I saw at New York Comic Con, there are tons of adults having a blast dressing up in great costumes.  zulily is a great place to shop for anything you would need.  I am having fun browsing the great options they have and deciding what I am going to be this year for Halloween.  You should, too!  What do you want to be for Halloween?




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