We were so excited to get to check out Aquatopia during our stay at Camelback Resort last week.  After we checked in to our hotel, we quickly changed and made our way downstairs and through the arcade to the indoor water park.  I’ll be honest, I left my phone behind, so the pictures I took reflect the waterpark later at night.  I wanted to be carefree and enjoy the rides with my family without taking my phone with me.  And you know what? It was fantastic.  In fact, we all left our phones behind and totally enjoyed the moment, disconnected to everything else except family time.  I highly recommend it!

When we arrived, the sunlight was shining into the waterpark from a large overhead skylight.  The blue green water glistened, the air was a balmy temperature, and I felt like I was in the tropics, surrounded by happy families excited to be there with me, experiencing all the fun rides.  I could tell immediately I loved the place.

There were so many rides to choose from!



From there, it was a free for all, jumping from one ride to the next.  My kids were huge fans of all the slides, especially the Paradise Plunge and Storm Chaser.  Lines were short, so we were able to ride to our heart’s content.  I, however, was loving the more low key, relaxing attractions like wave pool, lazy river and hot tubs.  Seriously, all of these were fantastic.  The Lost River was one of the coolest lazy rivers I have been on.  It feels as if you are starting out in a cave and the course is fun.  I loved the indoor wave pool located in the center of the park.  I could have stayed there for hours–how do I know?  Because I did! Then to relax even more, jumping into Mystic Springs was divine.  I loved that you could sit either indoors or escape into the outdoors without leaving the hot water.

After exploring and playing for quite some time, we went back and changed for dinner, only to return later on to Aquatopia at night, which had been transformed for a night time feel with colored lights projected over the complex from above.  It was such a cool effect! I was so glad that I had opted to bring my phone back so I could take pictures of everything.






Our first day at Camelback Resort was absolutely so much fun!  We spent so many hours having an amazing family day at Aquatopia.  I highly recommend this water park and can see why USA Today named it America’s #1 indoor waterpark!  You will love being able to enjoy the facilities as part of your stay at Camelback.  We slept so well that night after a day of fun filled rides.
To learn more about Aquatopia and Camelback Resort, visit their website!  Check back in to see what we thought of Camelbeach, the outdoor waterpark onsite at the resort.
*we were invited to visit to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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