Pesky Problems? Call the Experts

Have you recently become a new home owner and been worried to find all the responsibilities that come with this new role? There are many things that can go wrong that may be out of your control however there are a few things that you can assist to make your home better for you and your loved ones. One of those items deals with termites. These bugs usually come out in the warm, most environment. If you aren’t sure if your home needs help, have someone come and inspect your home for these pesky little things. As a homeowner, you might not think that pest control is a huge deal but this could happen to you if it’s too late and you already have these signs of infestation. As stressful as it is to deal with something like this, you want to have the right information to make the right call on hiring a quality business to assist you.

One of the biggest advantages that termites have is that most people actually aren’t even aware of how to protect themselves. The first step would be to verify that there is this particular issue. Some signs to look for are if your floors are sagging or damaged to the foundation that causes oles. Of course there may be some random holes that are found in the foundation or wood. If you find a hole in the foundation that you could take a screwdriver and push it through the wood. You can also look for any droppings near any of those holes. The pellets are a wood color.


pestImage: Surf Termite and Pest Control

One way to verify that there is a termite issue, is by calling a quality company to make that call. If you live in the New Jersey state, a company you should make that assessment is called Surf Termite and Pest Control. This family owned business of 30 years is run by operator Steve Wresnewski. He assists his customers to create a custom plan for every experience and guaranteed a positive experience with the pest control services.  Kim joined the company as an Officer Administrator in 2019. She brings a very unique blend of knowledge and passion for her job. She’s familiar with every unique needs and preference and you’re sure to talk to a friendly voice when you ask them to come over for help. They offer various protection plans to cover termites or any other pests that they might have encountered such as carpenter ants, digger bees or fleas. You can rest assured that the team is committed to fast, reliable service, selling you only what you and your home needs to maintain a healthy, pest free environment. 


Another great thing about this company is that there is an HPP plan put into place. An HPP plan is a Home Protection Plan that includes four quarterly service visits annually. This provides your home with the most comprehensive and rigorous pest management program available in the industry. This plan includes preventive treatments of the interior and exterior of your home with specific attention to the pest control issues that are appropriate to the season and weather. There are also free emergency service calls during normal business hours. Coverage applies to your entire property including mailboxes, fences, garages, sheds, outdoor play sets and pool houses or attics. 


If you want to try and get rid of these termites yourself before calling the inspectors there are a few things you can do to help. If you find them and they are located on a removable piece of wood, place it in the sun. Termites survive in dark areas and by putting them in sunlight as long as you can, this heats the wood and then kills the termites off. This method can also be used as a combination method for bed results. If you don’t have any sunlight for a few days, freezing them can also be a good alternative. Putting them in a large freezer for the same amount of time, the termites will die. 


There are many methods you can try to keep your home as pest free as possible. In fact, you might have done some already or a few months prior to reading this. Keeping your home clean and maintaining your trash are simple ways to keep these pests out. Inspecting your home for points of entry and maintaining the outside of your home are additional ways to keep them away. At the end of the day however, experiencing this issue is something you can get done in a timely manner by calling in a professional to come help. Find a company such as Surf Termite and Pest Control, with years of experience, satisfied customer service and testimonials as well as methods that will put you at ease to enjoy your home.

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