Tower Bridge

One of the most iconic sights you will see in London is the stunning Tower Bridge. This is one of my very favorite landmarks of the city.  Situated across from The Tower of London, here you can see it all.

We were invited* to visit the Tower Bridge during our vacation and we jumped at the chance to go see the city from the tops of the bridge.  Upon arrival, you can easily pick up tickets to ride the elevator to the top where you can learn from the exhibitions, walk across the glass floor, and explore the Victorian Engine Rooms that make it possible to raise and lower entire roadways to allow passage of ships over the last 125 years.



We took the lift up to the top and crossed over the walkway that was originally built to allow pedestrians a place to walk across the Thames when boats were crossing.  It was underutilized, though, because people didn’t love walking up the steps to the top with their loads.  It eventually closed because people would rather wait for the boats to cross.  I have to say, without an elevator, I don’t blame them!  It has since been restructured to be a glass walkway that allows you to see the city movement below.  I loved seeing the business of the city below my feet!



I also absolutely loved the stunning views of ancient history and modern architecture all from the skyway.



There is a very interesting history about Tower Bridge that one can learn all about when visiting the structure.  There is so much involved in the functioning of the bridge and it’s long history.  It’s a must-see when visiting London!  To learn more about it and to get your own tickets, visit them online.



*we were invited to visit to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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