Here’s Your Chance to Check out The Home Alone House

Have you heard the news that you can get the chance to Airbnb the house in Home Alone? Such a fun idea! Wish we would be in the Chicago area on December 12th, when one lucky person and three of their guests will get the opportunity to relive some shenanigans in the actual Home Alone house in Winnetka, my favorite town. Check out this cool opportunity here. See what we thought of the actual Home Alone house and some other amazing John Hughes movie locations.

I grew up in the 80s and I am all about those classic movies. Having kids, it’s been fun to introduce them to the movies that I loved so much. Amazingly, my kids actually like a lot of the same movies that I like. Especially John Hughes movies. So, yeah, I’ve succeeded in that area–getting my kids to like the movies and music that meant the world to me. It makes a mama proud 🙂

When talking about where we should go on summer vacation, we ended up deciding to make a trek to Chicago. The last time I visited Chicago for anything other than a flight layover, it was about 22 years ago. It was an amazing city and I remember loving it. But this time, we decided to see if we could go see it through the eyes of John Hughes. We basically made a scavenger hunt throughout…

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