Create A Spooktacular Halloween

Can you believe it’s that time of year already? I know, this could have been the fastest year to date! But, here we are ready to count down the days to Halloween. What better way to do that than with this absolutely adorable Halloween advent calendar from Etsy retailer MyGrowingSeasonShop? You can find her handmade creations on Etsy or at My Growing Season. I can’t wait for October to begin so we can enjoy this festive wall hanging that we can load up with our favorite treats or trinkets to mark the days of one of our all time favorite months! Each pocket is embroidered with a different kid-friendly, spooky-themed picture or number. You can even personalize it with your family name embroidered at the top. Your kids will go crazy for this well made calendar that is sure to become a party of your annual traditions! You can even get one to pass down to your grandkids when the time comes!

Halloween is a time where picking out the perfect costume is definitely top on the list of things to do. So where do you go to find just the right costume? Look no further than They have everything you could imagine at your fingertips. Want to be a princess? They’ve got it. Want to dress like you’re in the Thriller video from 1983? They’ve got it. Love Maverick from Top Gun and want to be him this Halloween? Look no further! Their costumes are great looking, arrive quickly and there are so many varieties to choose from, everyone in the family can find just what they want. You can order them now and rest assured your kids will be thrilled when they arrive!

We love spending quality family time around the fire during the fall. It’s so relaxing and a great way to decompress. We love the idea of adding something fun and quirky, maybe even a bit sinister, for those family fires. Check out these amazing handcrafted ceramic skulls! You can use them for both gas or wood fires, gas for a nice clean burn, and they can be reused over and over again, both indoors and out. Each burn adds to the character of these detailed skulls that will be a major talking point of guests for a long time to come. I can’t rave about the quality of these unique pieces enough from Etsy retailer TheCozyHearth. When the flames go through the hollows of them, it is truly mesmorizing.

I know that one of the great things about Halloween is going to pick out pumpkins. It’s always so enjoyable. This year, I wanted to try my hand at growing some of my own decor pieces. In the spirit of learning new skills, like we’ve been doing frequently this past year and a half, my kids and I decided to try to plant some of our own miniature pumpkins. I wasn’t ready to commit to a full blown pumpkin patch in my backyard, but I was able to clear a bit of space in my backyard garden to plant some cute varieties such as Black Kat, Kongiku, Casperita, Fairytale, and Thai Kang Kob from seeds available at Blue Pumpkin Seed Co. This shop owner was a wealth of information for me in embarking on this journey, which is turning out so well for us! I honestly did not know a thing about planting pumpkins or what seeds would produce what. But no worries, I got a ton of help from them! I learned that many of the seeds they sell are harvested and cleaned themselves. You can pick from heirloom or even hybrid varieties to plant the perfect plants for you. I highly recommend trying this for yourself, it’s been a fun family project!

Speaking of pumpkins, you need to pick up some of the delectable desserts from UK based Pots &Co. like their seasonal Pumpkin Creme Pie! These individual serving sized upside down pumpkin pies are perfect for this time of year. Smooth and creamy, flavorful and delicious, you will want to make sure you have a bunch stocked in your fridge for after dinner when getting ready to watch a spooky movie. They are available in a variety of yummy flavors and at local supermarkets, just look up to see where you can find some near you!

Our favorite friends want to get in on the Halloween fun, too! Head on over to Hotel Doggy for a wide array of absolutely adorable toys your dog will be happy to do tricks for. I can’t get enough of the 3 in 1 Haunted House and neither can my pup! These cute little plush figures look like skeletons, ghosts, and vampires and fit inside a cute little house (haunted, of course). Your dog will love working on getting them out of the house and playing with them. These were a big hit in my house. Also, because the days are getting a bit cooler, deck out your dog in the oh-so-cute Halloween Boo sweater and she’ll be ready to greet all those trick or treaters that come to the door!

Fans of vintage Halloween decor will absolutely love Schooner Bay Co. found on Etsy. There is a certain spooky element that can be found in the vintage and this shop has honed that skill. I love this wooden Headless Horseman scene that can rest on a shelf and cast some mean shadows on the walls. I also love the large selection of unique, antique-looking framed prints, perfect to display this time of year!

Schooner Bay Co

If you love to add creepy elements to your Halloween decor, look no further than Dead Goat Company! This shop is loaded with unbelievably realistic pieces. When I say pieces, I mean it quite literally! Severed feet, hands, and fingers are painstakingly cast and painted using real body parts for the inspiration. While I won’t show the pieces in a photo, just in case little eyes are nearby, you have to check them out here. Let me tell you, already, I’ve been able to prank quite a few people with these fingers. Let the screams begin!

Dead Goat Company

I’ve switched up my Halloween decor this year to be a little more grown up. I’ve been having fun finding accessories that fit into that space. I recently found MarbleMtnFeathers on Etsy and I adore the ominous looking feathered crows on her site! These crows are poseable and quite realistic looking, perfect for adding accents around my fireplace as we transform to Halloween decor. You can find a variety of birds and sizes, perfect for your own space. Check it out!


When it comes to celebrating Halloween and throwing parties, we are so excited over this amazing Paper Street Stamp Shop stamp! These customized rubber stamps are the perfect touch for sending invitations and correspondence. As I’ve mentioned before, I love Salem at Halloween and this stamp is reminiscent of the historical graveyards from the colonial time period of America. It’s know as the “death’s heads” and it is so cool looking! The quality of these stamps are impeccable! I highly recommend picking one up for Halloween and thinking ahead to your Christmas cards in a couple months, too!


I really love the look of concrete, so when changing around some of my Halloween decor to look a little more sophisticated, I immediately fell in love with these concrete pumpkins and crow skulls from MitMoStudio! You can put them on an entry way table, centerpiece, front door display or by the fireplace. These pieces are nice and sturdy, so they won’t blow away and look amazing wherever they are placed.


Speaking about a more sophisticated Halloween look, I love the pottery that can be found at Sheila Ross Art. These handcrafted pottery pieces are a great focal point in your decor. Placed on display on a shelf or entry table, used for parties or to hold Halloween candy, this bowl will definitely get lots of compliments! I love the beautifully and carefully etched spiderwebs and the gorgeous colors! It is handcrafted and painted to be a truly unique statement piece that you will love for years to come.


While we wouldn’t normally love bringing wildlife into our living rooms, we will make an exception with these creepy, fluttery black bats from Shopfluff! These are the perfect touch to add to any indoor or covered porch space to set the perfect mood for Halloween! Super easy to affix to walls (and to remove when the time comes) to create shadow casting silhouettes and create a spooky atmosphere. I love that you can transform any space in a matter of minutes and it’s so affordable!


On those cool October nights, there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying a good movie. We can’t get enough of this goth skull woven blanket from NomeDecor! This cotton blanket is large and cozy for cuddling and the perfect print to add to your Halloween decor. The vibrant throw is completely woven, not printed, using six different colored threads, so the fringe is colorful, too! We love it! Be sure to check out their site for fun personalized gifts for all sorts of occasions.


We absolutely love Hocus Pocus, so this Black Flame Candle from Etsy shop NapaUncorked is super fun! You can choose from a variety of scents, but I especially love Autumn Woods. It smells just like the perfect Halloween spent outside trick or treating with your kiddos. We just advise, maybe, be careful who lights it to avoid a meeting with The Sanderson Sisters!


When it comes time to doing some fun Halloween themed activities, like crafts or baking, we can’t get enough of this super fun apron from ThespianSwagStore. I mean, it’s Sweeney Todd-themed! Every time I put this apron on, I get lots of commentary and it makes me smile. It’s hilarious! But, also highly fuctional! If you are like me and love the theater, be sure to check out this shop. It is loaded with tons of great gifts (the holidays are quickly approaching!) that will be sure to be a huge hit!


Looking for a great way to set your carved pumpkins apart from the rest? Check out this awesome Etsy shop, PUMPKINTEETH! You can add so many different styles of pumpkin teeth–buckteeth (they are hysterical!), glow in the dark (amazingly cool!), or fangs (so spooky!). They are easy and safe to use, for even the littlest one to put in. They take pumpkin decorating to a whole new level!


*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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