A Day on 42nd Street

There is so much to do in New York City, you can live here forever and still have something new to see and do.  I love that!  This weekend I decided to go visit New York and make every single thing I did start and end on 42nd Street.  So what’s there to do?



img_8562Madame Tussauds 42nd (between 7th and 8th)


Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Times Square 42nd (between 7th and 8th Ave)


The Beast 42nd and 12th Ave


The Ride 42nd and 8th Ave

New York Public Library   42nd and 5th Ave. Go see where the original Ghostbusters from 1984 took place, but check out some incredible art inside while you are at it.  Gorgeous building and it’s free to get in!

Bryant Park lies in the backyard of New York Public Library and offers year round entertainment.   Summer time offers free movies in the park, Broadway in the Park where Broadway plays offer a couple of songs performed (for free!), ping pong and more.  Winter time, the grass is transformed into a large ice skating rink where you can skate with no time limit and for free if you have your own skates.  There are also awesome pop up shops to get your holiday shopping done.  I love it in the winter time!

Grand Central Terminal   42nd and Park Ave. Again, an incredible place to visit, you don’t even need to have a destination to go to.  Inside, the architecture is amazing, tons of shops and vendors, and you can see where some of your favorite New York based movies were filmed.

That’s only a hand full of things to do, but after 10 hours of exploration, I was worn out and still hadn’t begun to scratch the surface.  That’s the great thing about New York–so much to do and it’s always changing.  So if you find yourself in New York City, take some time to explore 42nd Street–it’s incredible!


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