Special Delivery: Degustabox

Last month, I was able to introduce you to Degustabox.  This delivery service is awesome!  I can’t tell you how often I see something on TV or in the store and wonder if it is any good, but don’t know if I actually want to risk trying it if it’s awful.  That’s the beauty of Degustabox.  For a small subscription fee, you are able to try tons of great items, so you know what is a hit or a miss.  It also gets you to expand what you would normally purchase at the store.

This month’s box* was really great! Look what was inside:

degustabox 2.jpg

  • PopCORNers-these are a favorite with my kids in general, but we were able to try the Carnival Kettle flavor.  So sweet and tasty, it was an awesome snack to have.  Definitely one we will be purchasing again!
  • Sparkling Bitters–we love sparkling water in this house, so getting to try a new refreshing and palate cleansing drink was very welcome.
  • Toosum–great snacking option for those that are gluten free.These oatmeal bars are  very low in sugar and additives, with no artificial anything.
  • BustaNUT!  We quite enjoyed these flavorful snack sized portions of nuts.  Maple Bacon?  Really great!
  • Sam Mills–always interesting to find a new alternative for those that love pasta but are gluten-free.  Imagine pasta made from corn and quinoa.  Great option for those with allergies, as they are free from all allergens–wheat, soy, egg, dairy, tree nuts, nuts, fish and shell fish.  So great, right?
  • Entenmann’s Little Bites–always a favorite with my kids.  I love the perfectly portioned snack bags filled with tasty muffins.  I love they are not dry, but are always yummy, available in lots of different flavors.
  • Nando’s–this PERi-PERi sauce is a great addition to just about any meal.  Made from African’s bird eye chili and a blend of lemons, garlic, onions, and spices.  Really great!
  • English Provender Co.–this is one of my favorite items in this month’s box.  These yummy concoctions are made in small batches using all natural, premium ingredients.  I LOVE the Luxury Lemon Curd.  I actually found some tiny tarts at the store and used the lemon curd to create mini tarts.  Oh, so good!  I am loving the other products from them, as well.
  • Michel et Augustin these cutely packaged square boxes are loaded with delicate French butter cookies.  Need I say more?  They are something you’ve got to try!  We will be getting more of these for sure! I don’t normally like shortbread cookies, but these are melt-in-your-mouth addicting.
  • Hak’s–this is an awesome quick prep pantry staple.  Use Hak’s One Pot Rustic Ratatouille Cooking Sauce for a rich tasting base for a ratatouille that only takes about 30 minutes, rather than hours.  Delish!
  • Zollipops  these sugar free after meal treat were created by an 11 year old!  They are gluten free, vegan, kosher and help prevent tooth decay.  A great thing to add to your children’s lunches.

I love getting to try all these new items each month. Some great new favorites were discovered that I never would have known about before.  I can’t wait to see what is in October’s Degustabox!  I highly recommend checking it out for yourself!


*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.


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