Under Wraps

This month’s Degustabox was a fun surprise, perfect for entertaining throughout the holidays.  Lots of great snacks to have on hand and to add to a party spread.  I loved it!


  • Pillsbury Purely Simple Cake Mix and accompanying frosting mix is awesome!  There are no coloring, preservatives, or artificial flavors in these super easy mixes.  Let’s face it, busy moms don’t necessarily have time to make cupcakes from scratch for class parties or even quick get togethers with friends.  Having these kits on hand is perfect, though, because they are easy to make and they taste delicious.  I loved the hints on the back for suggested cooking ideas.  For example add almond extract for a richer cake and matching frosting.  Yum!  I will be stocking up on these in my pantry, they are great!
  • Kala beans are interesting snacking choice–never would I have thought I would enjoy eating crunchy beans for snacks, but, look, here I am enjoying them!  A unique and healthy way to make snacking better.
  • I love honey and so do my kids.  Honey Acres has delicious flavored raw honey filled straws that are great to have on hand for drinks or just because.  They are easy to take everywhere with you or store in the cupboard.  I love the different flavors like raspberry and chocolate mint and so do my kids!
  • Have you tried Chips Ahoy! THINS in Cinnamon Sugar?  They are super yummy!  A great alternative to regular cookies because they are not as heavy in calories.  Love these!
  • I always love fruit spreads, especially to add to cook a unique grilled cheese sandwich.  Have you ever had grilled cheese with jam?  It’s heaven!  I really like the new Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Fruit Spread, especially the strawberry jalapeno flavor.  This is perfect for my grilled cheese concoction. It’s also great to accompany cheeses and bread or crackers in a party platter.
  • I haven’t had a chance to try the Urbane Grain cups in this month’s Degustabox yet, but it looks very interesting.  This cup of ancient grains (amaranth, sorghum and barley) in varying flavors looks like it would be a great meal on the go or quick lunch to fill you up.  It’s loaded with protein and fiber and ready to eat in 3 minutes.
  • It’s inevitable that you are going to get a cold over the winter months and if there is anything you can do to fight off  the germs, I say it’s worth trying.  I really like Ricola’s herbal immunity honey herb supplement lozenges.  They are loaded with ginseng, vitamins C, B6 and B12.  They help support your immune system and help fight fatigue to get you through the winter.  Yay!
  • Another great item to add to tables for party entertaining this season are Good Thins sweet oat and flax crackers.  So delicious and it boasts no artificial flavors, colors, cholesterol, partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup, so you can feel good about this snack choice.
  • For a sweet treat after a meal or just because, I love Loacker Gran Patisserie cookies.  This wafer cookies are layered with fine cream and chocolate glaze and is oh-so-good! Rich and delicious!
  • Finally, we love Wise Popcorn just like the kind found in our monthly delivery.  Who doesn’t love to snack on some popcorn while taking in some Christmas movies with the family?  Butter flavor or cheese are both great choices, depending on your mood.  I love to add the white cheddar popcorn to my kids lunch boxes, too.  It’s a staple in our pantry.


So you can see, December was another fabulous months of great finds.  If you haven’t already thought about it or seen in our gift guide, we love the idea of gifting Degustabox to someone.  That way, they , too, can find all these delicious full sized items at their doorstep each month.  It is seriously the gift that keeps on giving!  To learn more about Degustabox, visit them online.


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