I ❤ London

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I started thinking of things I love.  Naturally, I have a whole list of things that matter to me most in the world, but beyond that, I started thinking about literal places I love in the world and, as of now….London tops that list.  So I thought I would share with you some of the things that remind me of London that I just happen to ❤!




I think it is so much fun to remember the sites that I saw while in the city.  Her Majesty’s guards, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, black taxis, and double-decker buses.  Etsy shop, The Homemade Haven, makes adorable fabric covered magnets that I can place on my fridge  or near my desk that bring back very happy memories from my favorite city.  These make fun treats for yourself or affordable gifts for friends.  I love mine!

My favorite souvenirs of London are gorgeous photos to hang in my home.  But, I am not a professional photographer, so I turned to professionals to help me achieve the look I want in art.  WillCarterMedia has just what I love, spectacular photographs of the places that I loved visiting while in London.  The flat that we stayed in had floor to ceiling windows that looked straight out on The Tower Bridge, so naturally, this is one of my favorite spots.  Will captures the magic of the architecture perfectly.  He also happened to catch some of the lesser known places that I walked past on a daily basis and enjoyed.  Check out his talent and order some pieces to grace your own home.  You won’t be disappointed!

will carter.jpg

Love London so much that you want to literally print it on your body?  Inkbox tattoos gives you the opportunity to put temporary realistic tattoos on, without the commitment. I love this one of the London skyline, featuring the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben.  These tattoos work incredibly well, too!  Simply follow the instructions and you are left with a very clearly defined tattoo that will leave friends guessing whether they are real or not for up to 3 weeks!  You can see tons of other great designs online, as well.




I love these London page markers for a fun reminder of my visit.  Aren’t these awesome?  So sleek and fun, this Etsy shop hails from the United Kingdom and you can purchase your own page marker depictions of black taxi cab, telephone booth, double-decker bus, and mail box etched in stainless steel.  These make great gifts or awesome desk accessories.  You can purchase your own from AnotherStudio.




We became extremely familiar with London’s spectacular Underground while visiting.  After coming from New York and being used to a less than stellar subway experience, I would have expected a similar situation in London.  I could not have been more wrong!  In our experience hopping on and off the tube all over London Town, we were so impressed with the ease and cleanliness of the Tube.  It looked like they mopped the trains every night.  Unreal!  Needless to say, we loved the convenience of getting around the city through this intricate system, so seeing depictions of the subway line on anything brings fond memories to mind.  I love these vintage 1922 London Underground trays available from Etsy shop, Trays4Us, perfect for entertaining guests or displaying in the house as a unique reminder of our visit.  Have a different destination that you want to remember?  Check out their site, they have maps of all sorts of cities and places.  Way cool!


I am also loving this awesome Etsy shop, TheSkinDudes.  I was able to create an awesome Otterbox cover for my iPhone 6 and houndstooth macbook cover that reminds me of my favorite vacation, ever.  The Skin Dudes have everything you could ever want to protect your devices, in every design imaginable.  Look at all these awesome skins that I can switch out the look of my phone while giving a shout out to my favorite city. I love that I have so many options available from them, as I like to switch things out and keep things fresh.  These skins are high quality and look fantastic on.

I highly recommend TheSkinDudes products. Guess what?  Now you can try out their products for yourself at a 40% discount by entering code MOMMYAVENGERFAN at checkout.  Have fun picking out your own skins!  I can’t wait to hear what you get!



*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own.

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